• Kalpana Soni


environmental pollution, environment, recycling, natural resources ecology, ecosystems, waste management


This paper will address the issue of environmental pollution and waste management. Every aspect of our lives is intricately linked to the environment. Various factors, including human activities and natural phenomena like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, contribute to environmental pollution. Environmental pollution has been a persistent issue since the dawn of time, but in our modern era, it has become a grave concern that poses a significant threat to the existence of humanity. While conducting our scientific research, we encountered a significant issue: "What impact does waste management have on the environment?" Today, people all around the world are deeply concerned about the issue of environmental pollution. The consequences of this problem are felt in our daily lives, affecting the quality of the air we breathe, the food and water we consume, and our exposure to pollution and radiation. In addition, the impacts of environmental issues can be seen in the depletion of natural resources, the loss of plant and animal species, and the disruptions to global ecosystems and biochemical processes. Considering the research problem, it can be hypothesized that waste management significantly affects the environment.




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